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Welcome to the Swiss VET Academy!

For several years, vocational education and training (VET), including upper-secondary-level VET and tertiary-level professional education, has become a priority for many governments and companies worldwide. Switzerland captures the focus of attention with its dual-track VET system, on one hand, and a low youth unemployment rate and a high competition and innovation capacity, on the other hand. The Swiss dual-track vocational education and training (“VET” also referred as “apprenticeship”) is based on a public-private partnership with a leading role in the economy. Training takes place at the company and at the VET-school. It is recognised for its:

  • Qualified workforce (with the skills and competencies required by the private sector)
  • Low youth unemployment
  • High labour market integration
  • Permeability

In the past few years, SFIVET with its expertise and methods supports the development of dual-track vocational education and training for other countries. Through its comprehensive competence-based approach, SFIVET seeks to ensure that vocational education and training meets the needs of the labour market.

The method has been proven to be successful in projects in Bulgaria, Serbia, Kosovo, India, Singapore, Senegal and other countries. It can be adapted to various contexts. With the SWISS VET Academy we aim to share, to discuss and to transfer elements of successful VET.

Why study with Swiss VET Academy?

We offer a wide range of high quality courses taught by dedicated experts of SFIVET, and other recognised institutions:

  • Get an in-depth knowledge of dual-track VET
  • Acquire the relevant competencies in pedagogy and didactics
  • Learn about tools and methods to enhance the labour market orientation
  • High quality training taught by dedicated experts
  • Tailor-made coaching based on your company/institution/organisation's needs
  • Benefit from many years of experience in continuing training for VET practitioners
  • Certified courses and modules in Switzerland or in your country

Our offers are intended for:

  • Every VET practioners: teachers in vocational schools, instructors in companies, experts, etc.
  • Governmental or non-governmental institutions and local authorities
  • Everyone who is involved directly or indirectly in vocational education and training

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