Swiss innovative teaching and training in VET

The Swiss international VET Academy offers this specialised course with the aim of enabling participants to gain an in-depth understanding of the rationale of the situated VET approach and to apply it in practice or in a didactic situation. This means that at the end of the course, participants will be able to use the approach for individual implementation in the school and/or professional context.

This course introduces the situated VET approach. Participants approach the rationale and the underlying philosophy on the basis of their own experiences. The didactic principle is introduced together with reflections on the importance of the attitude of teachers (emotional leadership). The aim is to enable participants to deeply understand the rationale of the approach and to apply it in practice or in a didactic situation. To this end, situation-based didactics is presented with the objective of individual acquisition and implementation in the school context, but also in the workplace.

Course Description

Date & Format

The course will take place between 07–09 and 14–16 November 2022 in a synchronous e-learning format including interactive sessions and blended learning components.


We work on the competences to adopt and implement successful teaching and training in VET with situation-based didactics. Therefore, the participants develop resources in the following areas: 

  • Understanding the situated VET approach and its decisive factors;
  • Implementing a supportive learning relationship with learners;
  • Implementing the situated VET concept in school;
  • Implementing the situated VET concept in workplace learning.
Target Group

Teachers and Instructors in VET, VET experts, VET advisors 


Each participant will receive a certificate of participation if s/he accomplishes 80 percent presence. Participants who wish to obtain a full certification can subscribe to the 90-hour certificate. This includes further reading, as well as a report outlining the possibilities for adaptation and implementation in participants’ particular context. 


The cost of the course is CHF 900*. An additional CHF 300 is required for the 90-hour certificate. 


*Costs cover course preparation, implementation, certificates and training materials.


After successful registration candidates will receive a confirmation and an invoice issued by SFUVET. Participation is guaranteed after full payment of the fees. Cancellation of participation 30 days or more prior to the start date of the course: No penalty. For cancellation 30 days or less prior to the start date of the course 100 percent of the course price is due.


English with a minimum level of B2

Number of Participants

A minimum of 6 participants is required up to a maximum of 16 participants.